Since 2019

Our proposal is to take to your home the purest

products from the nature 

100% natural

100% organic

100% pesticide free 

Naturally healthy 

Made with love and care, from our home straight to your home.



          Farm Minas started with a couple from Minas Gerais - Brazil, who wanted to provide the best of Minas Gerais gastronomy to their family and friends. Minas Gerais state is known for offering the best brazilian gastronomic experience.

          Using only organic and natural products, FARM MINAS, was born. Our proposal is to bring into your home all the flavor that a natural food can provide you. Here, you will find healthy foods that your body needs for optimal functioning, made with care and dedication during recipes preparation, and aimed at the most demanding customers.


          Thinking of the convenience that modern life offers, you can, in the comfort of your home, receive all our products directly at your door.

You will be surprised and satisfied with the taste that will be entering your home.

To develop, manufacture and commercialize excellent products in the food industry, bringing to the consumer the most natural and tasty food, with social responsibility and respect for everyone's health.

To be a reference in the healthy food segment.

Excellence, ethics, hygiene, passion, appreciation, commitment to customer satisfaction

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Durham Region - ON - CANADA

Whatsapp: 289 385 3102 / 289 356 2054